Insurance Claims against Mendip District Council

Mendip District Council require you to complete the downloadable form on this page for any claims against the Council.

Once you have completed a claim form the details will be forwarded to our insurers who will be your point of contact and who will take over the management of the claim through until the conclusion.

Icon for word Please download the word document form to make a claim against Mendip District Council here [93.59KB]

Before making a claim for compensation against us, please note the following:

  • Everybody has the right to make a claim but we will only give compensation if we are legally at fault for the incident.
  • For a personal injury claim, once we have acknowledged your letter of claim, we have 40 business days (from the date the letter of acknowledgement is sent) to investigate the claim and either admit or deny liability. These time scales are in line with the current Ministry of Justice pre-action protocols. We handle all other claims such as property damage claims in the spirit of these protocols.
  • If you are insured privately for the damage or injury sustained, such as motor insurance, you may wish to report the claim to them. If covered they will settle your loss and then pursue recovery against us on your behalf, reducing the administrative burden on you.

  • Fraudulent claims will be prosecuted and could result in imprisonment.

Please include as much information as possible and any photographs or maps of the location. It's your responsibility to prove your loss against us. Vague or incomplete information or failure to identify the exact location of a slip or trip claim will prevent legitimate investigation and will result in your claim not being accepted as meeting the Ministry of Justice pre-action protocols. The more information you provide the easier it will be to investigate and reach a decision of liability.