Council Tax Support fraud

There are several ways you can tell us about suspected fraud. Although you do not have to provide your name or contact details it would be useful if we need to contact you to clarify any information.

You can report suspected council tax support fraud in the following ways:


Write directly to the Benefit Enquiry Unit at the following address:

Benefit Enquiry Unit
Council Offices
Mendip District Council
Cannards Grave Road
Shepton Mallet

We look into every allegation that is reported to us. However, it is the quality of information you provide that will determine whether a case proceeds to an investigation. Therefore, please give as much information as you possibly can when making the report.

For more details about the type of information that will help us, please view the document Icon for pdf Useful Information [75.57KB].

Please remember the following when you have a suspicion that a person is claiming council tax support fraudulently:

  • Do report your concerns as quickly as you can
  • Do give as much information and detail as possible
  • Do not approach the claimant yourself or alert them to your suspicions
  • Do not try to obtain information which could compromise your safety
  • Do not attempt to investigate the matter yourself. There is legislation which governs investigations and evidence gathering and any breach of those regulations may jeopardise a case
  • The claimant may have already informed us of their circumstances