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Food Complaints

Whilst food businesses take every care to ensure that the food they produce is safe, from time to time things can go wrong and you may wish to complain.

The purpose of investigating food complaints is to determine the cause of the complaint, and to determine whether any food business involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of the food has breached food safety legislation.

If you would like to make a complaint about a food premises in Mendip or if you have bought an item of food that you believe is contaminated in some way, we will consider the significance of the complaint and determine whether it is likely to be serious enough to warrant an investigation e.g.

  • Foods containing foreign objects (e.g., stones, glass, insects, hair, plasters, cigarette ends etc.)
  • Food that is out of condition (e.g. mouldy, rotten, off-smelling etc)
  • Food that is suspected of making someone ill.
  • Poor hygiene practice
  • Undercooked food

If your complaint relates to a food item, please save the food in its original container and keep the receipt for the food if you have one. If the item of food is one of a number of units (e.g. one carton of yogurt from a pack of four) it is useful to have these as well.

Complaints investigated by Trading Standards

Certain food complaints are investigated by Trading Standards :

  • Food sold past its 'Best Before' date
  • Wrong labelling or is inappropriately labelled
  • Is described wrongly or misleadingly on the packaging
  • Is not of the declared weight
  • Is of poor quality

If you think you have a complaint like this, you can contact Somerset Trading Standards on 08454 040506.

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  1. To help us investigate your complaint fully, please provided as many details as possible. We ask for your contact details so that we can contact you should we need further information from you, or to update you on our investigation. Your contact details will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to the business you are complaining about.
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