Mendip have delegated powers from the Highway Authority to remove fly-posting from their land especially near roundabouts and junctions (Highways Act).

What is Fly-posting?

Fly-posting is illegal temporary advertising and generally taken to be the 'display of advertising material on buildings and street furniture without the consent of the owner'.

There are certain local events that do not need advertisement consent and they are those that are organised for social, recreational or religious purposes such as amateur dramatic plays, Parent-Teacher Association fetes, church bazaars but not sporting events of a commercial nature. However all such advertising must have the permission of the landowners, including on the highway. For guidance on these events please read Icon for pdf Fly Posting Guidelines for Charitable Groups [19.75KB]

Illegal adverts on public property verges, railing, lamp columns etc are generally removed immediately especially if considered a distraction to drivers.

What You Can Do About Fly-posting

If you are concerned about fly-posting in the District then please contact us by using our online form or by email, telephone, post and measures will be put in place to deal with the matter.