New Council Tax countdown helps people pay on time

Mendip District Council is bringing in a new Council Tax reminder service. If you fall behind with your Council Tax payments, text messages, emails or voicemail will be sent to remind you that your payment is overdue.

Householders can pay all their Council Tax for the year in one go,  but they usually pay by monthly instalments. Like all Councils we take action to reclaim unpaid Council Tax.


For some people it's hard to plan regular Council Tax payments. So this year, Mendip District Council is bringing in new-style regular reminders making it easier for householders to pay on time.  

Currently anyone who doesn't pay their Council Tax on time gets a reminder sent in the post. If a taxpayer waits for a reminder before making payment, after two reminders, a third missed Council Tax payment triggers a final notice, this means an end to monthly payments and a demand to pay the full year's balance immediately. Non-payment can then lead to court action. This can then be followed by amounts to pay Council Tax taken from debtors wages or  benefits, or assets being seized by Enforcement Agents and sold to cover the Council Tax charges and legal fees.

New System

With Mendip's new system, the Council sends householders a series of messages over approximately a week. A countdown by SMS text, email and voicemail, reminding taxpayers that payment gets more urgent every day. Payment is still required on the dates stated on your bill, but these reminders will help customers avoid falling into the recovery cycle described above.


If customers are concerned about 'Phishing' attacks and want to check the validity of the messages received, then they can ring our Council Tax department on 0300 303 8588.