Fitness and Exercise

The council recognises the importance of the physical health and its effects on the overall health and wellbeing of individuals.

Change4Life can help children and families get healthy, with tips on healthy eating, games and activities.
Leisure centre and swimming pool
Many long-terms diseases in our population are closely linked to known behavioural risk factors. Around 40% of the UK's disability adjusted life years lost are attributable to tobacco, hypertension, alcohol, being overweight or being physically inactive.
SASP is a charitable trust, part of a network of 44 County Sports Partnership across England.
Outdoor swimming pool
Leisure centre and swimming pool in Street
Leisure centre in Glastonbury
Mendip Health walks are supported by Zing Somerset.
Leisure centre and swimming pool
Zing Somerset has a large directory of events, facilities and programmes on healthy eating, weight management and physical activity