Council wins ruling on trespassers at Morlands site, who have no legal right to remain on the land in Glastonbury

Mendip District Council has confirmed that it has won the ruling on trespassers that are occupying the Morlands site in Glastonbury.

Following a five-day trial held during June and July, the Court ruled that the persons occupying the land, known as Morlands in Glastonbury, were doing so as trespassers and have no legal right to remain on the council owned land.

The Court made an order requiring 18 named defendants and any other unnamed adult persons to give the district council possession of the land by 4pm on September 27, 2018.      

The Court dismissed the claim for possession against 12 named defendants on the grounds that making a possession order at this time would be a disproportionate interference with their Human Rights.

However the Court expressly noted that its decision to dismiss the claim against those 12 named defendants was based upon the evidence available at the time and that it was open to Mendip District Council to apply for an order of possession against those 12 persons in due course.   

The council also confirmed that the court had refused to grant the unsuccessful defendants permission to appeal to the High Court.

Mendip District Council is now considering the detailed judgment and the options for securing possession of the land in Glastonbury from the trespassers at the earliest possible stage.

The council also confirmed that they will not be making any further comment at this stage.