Filming in Mendip

Mendip District Council receives many enquiries from broadcast media asking to film in the Mendip district. As a council we allow companies, organisations or individuals to film or broadcast free of charge on any of our land.

However, we ask those that wish to film/record inside public buildings to seek permission from the council. Application forms for filming and further information can be found here - Organising an event or filming on council land

The council must stress that it cannot offer permission for filming/broadcasting on land that is not owned by the district council (such as county council owned land or that of private landowners). You must contact relevant landowners for permission.

If you wish to set up specialist recording equipment or have the use of council land (such as parking spaces) you must also contact the council on the above email address to seek permission, to which there may be a charge (for parking this will usually equate to the number of bays used and the usual time tariff for that car park).