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Services provided by Somerset County Council

Information and contact details for key services provided by Somerset County Council such as education, social services, libraries and highways.

Mendip District Council is one of 5 district councils in Somerset. Its responsibilities fall into housing, planning, waste and recycling, council tax and benefits, environment, street care and cleaning, car parks, licensing, markets, leisure, local economic development and electoral services for the Mendip area. Countywide services such as education, social care, libraries and highways are provided by Somerset County Council. The list below contains information and contact details for key services provided by Somerset County Council. Click through to Full Details to view website links.

Somerset County Council contact centre: 0300 123 2224 is open Monday 8am-6pm and Tuesday-Friday 8.30 am-5.30 pm.

Somerset County Council out of hours

  • Adults and Mental Health Team 01823 368244 
  • Children's Social Care Emergency Duty Team 0300 123 2327 

For Deaf and hard of hearing callers: You can call using 'Text Relay' by prefixing contact numbers with 18001.