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Elections 2017

This page lists the forthcoming elections for the Mendip area.

Below are the notices in respect of each election.  If you have any queries regarding your right to vote, please contact a member of the Elections Team at or 01749 341236.

Latest Election:

Election of Somerset County Council
pdf icon Notice of Election - Somerset County Council 04.05.2017 [186kb]

Election of a Mendip District Councillor - Frome College Ward
pdf icon Notice of Election - Frome College Ward 04.05.2017 [182kb]

Neighbourhood Plan Referendums

A number of referendums will be held within the Mendip District during 2017 on whether to agree Neighbourhood Plans in various towns and villages.

Read more about Neighbourhood Plan Referendums

Previous Elections 2017

Wells St Cuthbert's Ward - Resultspdf icon Declaration of Result of Poll - St Cuthbert's Ward of the City of Wells on 02.03.17 [270kb]